radiant impressoins

Several years ago in Lexington, KY an orthodontist and his wife searched for an off-the-shelf breast form after her mastectomy. The orthodontist and his wife were quickly disappointed even though they were shown the best products available at the time.

The doctor could not imagine his wife wearing a heavy, silicone breast form in the pocket of a bra. He knew how to make realistic teeth, so he decided to create a realistic breast for his wife.

For weeks, he experimented with the materials he used for making molds in his orthodontic practice. Eventually, with the patience of his wife, he created a replica of her remaining breast, complete with a nipple and areola. It was a great gift of love!

In 2004, Trulife acquired Radiant Impressions from the orthodontist. Trulife is now proud to offer the Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis to breast cancer survivors.

Since then, thousands of satisfied women have received a Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis. Today the prostheses are hand carved and sculpted by talented artists at a Production Studio in Jackson, MI.

To see a sample and learn more about this product, contact a Radiant Impressions retailer in your area. You and your fitter will decide if Radiant Impressions is the right choice for you!