radiant impressoins

“Finding the proper fit in a breast prosthetic has always been a challenge for me, but the Radiant Impressions custom made prosthesis solved the problem. The way I look when I wear it makes me feel more attractive.”

Deborah Roberts
Toledo, Ohio

Mother, a proud grand-mother and an active participant in breast cancer awareness and education within her community.
16 year Breast Cancer Survivor and 18 year Heart Disease Survivor.

President of The African American Women’s Cancer Support Group of N.W. Ohio.
Member of The American Cancer Board of Directors
Member of The Breast Health Coalition
Member of The Steering Committee for Susan G Komen Race For The Cure, N. W. O Affiliate
Member of The Susan G. Komen For The Cure N. W. O. Affiliate Grants Committee and Education Committee
Attends The Indiana Avenue Missionary Baptist Church

That Special Woman
Toledo, Ohio 43615
Certified Bra Fitter – 9 years

"The Radiant Impressions was the best thing I could have been introduced to. I love it! I've been a wearer of several different prostheses over the past 30 years that were very heavy and uncomfortable. Over the years I developed a problem with my shoulder. The Radiant Impressions breast form is lightweight and so comfortable that I forget that I'm wearing a prosthesis. It is made just for me and my body shape."

"Colleen Wendtland at Loma Linda University Orthotics & Prosthetics is an excellent fitter of your product. The color we selected for my second Radiant Impressions form was a perfect match for my skin tone. I appreciate her patience and understanding of my personal situation."

Barbara S.
Rialto, CA

"After my surgery I was introduced to Janet Clemons who fits the Radiant Impressions at Preferred Orthotics and Prosthetics. She asked me if I was going to have reconstruction surgery on my right breast and I told her NO. I did not want anymore surgeries. She suggested the custom prosthesis and in fact was the one that did the cast of me. She did an AWESOME job. My prosthesis is so very comfortable and easy to maintain."

"I would like to say THANK YOU JANET and those of you at Radiant Impressions for the respect, love, and caring manner that you have for the many women that pass through your doors. I also have camisoles and I plan on returning for new bras. They are sexy looking and so comfortable."

Ruby S.
Federal Way, WA.

"I have been a wearer of the custom fit Radiant Impression prosthesis since 2006 and love the natural fit and the fact it was designed specifically for my body. It has allowed me to wear the same style bras and work-out gear I was able to wear prior to my mastectomy."

"I am a Pilates and dance instructor and also teach a therapeutic exercise program for breast cancer survivors. This prosthesis is so comfortable and moves with my body when I am exercising and looks and feels very natural. As friends say to me, "Diane, you would never know, you look great.""

"Mary Aframe at The Women’s Image Center has fitted me 3 times due to my size of breast changing with weight loss and gain and each prosthetic fit better than the last. She is a great fitter and such an asset to your product."

Diane O.
Leominster, MA