radiant impressoins
The Radiant Impressions nipple and areola prosthesis is a soft silicone product that is made to match the size, color and shape of your remaining nipple and areola, complete with projection if desired. A quick ten minute “casting impression” process is necessary for this unique custom option. Ideal for women who have undergone surgical breast reconstruction and did not choose to have their nipple and areola surgically reconstructed or tattooed. The prosthetic nipple and areola can be adhered to your reconstructed breast.
Semi-custom nipples and areolas can also be made for post-bilateral reconstruction patients. This is an easy option to select and does not require a “casting impression” process. With your choice of three different diameter sizes, three different nipple projections and three different colors, light, medium and dark, a nipple and areola prosthesis can be a temporary or permanent adjunct to breast reconstruction.