radiant impressoins

Casting Day

Plan to spend approximately 2 hours with your fitter.
Chest markings are drawn using a water soluble pencil.
Digital photos of the chest markings and fitted bra are taken and printed out to be included with your custom order.
Two castings are made that take approximately 20 minutes each. The plaster material dries quickly.
The first cast - plaster casting material is applied over the properly fitted bra to capture the shape and size of the desired prosthesis.
The second cast - plaster casting material is applied to your bare chest wall capturing the intimate details of your surgery site.
The nipple and areola impression takes approximately 5 minutes.
Your order is then shipped to the Radiant Impressions Production Studio!

My RI Fitting

Your Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis will be fitted to you in the bra that you were cast in. It will be delivered to you in a special storage/traveling case. You will also receive a Radiant Impressions Care Kit and Warranty Card. Your fitter will explain the care and cleaning of your new custom prosthesis as well as how to adhere and remove it for everyday use.

If you have additional questions regarding the Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis Casting process, please contact your local retailer.

Creating your Radiant Impressions custom breast prosthesis consists of at least three appointments with your fitter.

Pre-casting Meeting

You and your fitter will determine if you are a candidate for the Radiant Impressions based upon your medical health, prosthesis expectations and insurance coverage.
Be properly fitted in the bra style that you will wear with your new custom prosthesis. Bring in a bra that you normally wear (in good condition)- this may be a bra style that you wore prior to your surgery. You may also bring in new bra styles to consider for the fitting or your fitter may have an inventory of bras that you can select from.
Choose the colors for your prosthesis, areola and nipple.
Schedule your Casting Day appointment!
Casting Method
Scanning Method


Trulife uses FastSCAN, a unique, portable, 3D laser scanning system. FastSCAN instantly acquires three dimensional surface images with a handheld laser scanning wand. The wand has dual camera heads, allowing a more detailed image capture in real time.
Creating a 3D image is quick and easy! Each scan takes approximately 2 minutes. Chest wall markings and digital photos are still a necessary preparatory process to aid the Artisans in the hand-made process of a Radiant Impressions. A scanning appointment can be done in 20 minutes, thus providing convenience of time and ease to the patient.
Scanning technology may be available at a Retailer near you. Please call your fitter to learn if a Scanning Event has been scheduled in their store.